President Message: Thank you to our sponsors and supporters!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in IME Pay CAN Info-Tech 2022 in association with SCT Smart QR UnionPay. We have been overwhelmed and humbled. It means so much to us that despite everything going on, you still support our work.

CAN InfoTech's title sponsor was IME Pay, Associate Sponsor was SCT Smart QR Union Pay, Platinum Sponsor was WorldLink Communications, and Diamond Sponsor was Dish Home Fibernet. Likewise, Generation Next and Nepal Clearing House Limited were Gold Sponsors, Namaste Pay, Digicom, S-Power, Broadway Infosys and Huawei Technologies -In Nepal, For Nepal were Silver Sponsors. Similarly, Softwarica College was an Innovation Partner, Sunway Business School was an Academic Partner, X-Lab was a Logistic Partner, was an e-Commerce Partner, and Ultra LED was Digital Display Partner.

A virtual exhibition is also being arranged through so that this edition of CAN InfoTech have participated from across the globe. Mandala Systems has partnered with CAN Federation as a Virtual Exhibition Partner to make it happen. Similarly, REBAN have been collaborated with the organiser to provide quality food and snacks in the exhibition while Global IME Bank was an official bank of the exhibition and IME General Insurance was an official insurance.

CAN Info-Tech also had direct and indirect support from the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Department of Information Technology, Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Nepal Bank Limited, Nepal Institute of Science and Technology, Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Nepalese Industries, Subisu Cablenet, Vianet as well as international organisations like the World Innovation, Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA), and the Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO).

And, Special thanks to Huawei Technologies, as a leading provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices, Huawei is playing a very important role in the digital transformation of Nepal. We are thankful to Huawei for the company's continuous support to the development of the ICT industry in Nepal.

Nawaraj Kunwar

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Posted on :25th May, 2022
Posted by : Udeep Baral
Updated at : 25th May, 2022

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