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HAPPY CODING – National Website and App Development Competition & Appreciation

Event Coordinator

Mr. Abhijit Gupta, Chairperson of Software & BPO Committee, CAN Federation


Happy Coding is an event that is planned to motivate and encourage coders and programmers who have been doing amazing somehow and contributing in the development of ICT growth in Nepal. This could be a young student with amazing skills in coding or products or services or concept.

Thus, this program can be divided in two steps.

One, National Website and App Competition, where, participants can participate with their creations and three winners from two categories Website & Mobile App gets award. This will also help them build their career.

Another, it to appreciate any startup who is selling some service or product in international market. We will be just providing them with a token of appreciation for their kind and hard work.


  1. To encourage member’s participation and motivation on Software/App Development.
  2. To give a platform to programmers to brand their work and skills.
  3. To encourage startups and appreciate their hard work.

Dates & Venue






Announcement for Application Opening




Application Closing




Jury/ Interview


CAN Federation Office



May 2

Binayak Multi-Venue


  1. Competition for Nepalese
    1. Student under the age of 22 years
    2. Website Professionals open to anyone
    3. App Developer Professional open to anyone
  2. Appreciation/Recognition for Nepalese (for Max 10): They must have done something which they might be selling in the international market. It could be service or product or license.

Audiences & Participants

Audiences: All members, ICT Professionals and students

Participants: Students, Coders, Programmers, 10 Nominated startups

Jury Committee

  1. Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya
  2. Karmath Dangol
  3. Mukesh Regmi
  4. Subhash Dhakal
  5. Rabin Basnet
  6. Abhijit Gupta – Coordinator

Technical Committee:

  1. Abhijit Gupta – Chair
  2. Shakti Shrestha
  3. Amir Maharjan
  4. Udaya Raj Dhungana

Organizing Committee: Software & BPO Committee

  1. Abhijit Gupta - Chair
  2. Shakti Shrestha – Co-Chair
  3. Karmath Dangol
  4. Prabhu Pd. Shah
  5. Jayaram Humagain
  6. Bishnu Kunwar

Published Application Form URLs

Competition Application Form


Appreciation/ Recognition Nomination form







Software & BPO Committee Meeting
Sound, Camera, Stationary, Jury Assisting, ToR, Candidates, Recommendations



Meeting with Technical Committee
ToR, Candidates, Recommendations



Meeting with Jury Committee
ToR Briefing






Final Results and Sealing






Provided Project Summary



Bharat Dc - St. Lawrence College

Virtual School: Using technology to automate teaching and learning process along with College automation system.



Tshering Lama - Codemandu Business Solution

Hospital MIS: Management Information System for hospital



Shekhar Dhakal - Herald College Kathmandu

Food Photography Under Web Development: This website helps you to find out different national and internation food at particular location with price.



Yubaraj Shrestha - Beltech Pvt. Ltd.

DMG Nepal: Government website from scratch to complete cms system using SASS, HTML, jQuery, Laravel



Dinesh MC.

Nepali Sahitya: It is under construction and will live on my professional website. Just lunching later. It has not created mean site, will upload on my site initially.



Abhishek Gupta - Drishtanta Technlogies

Merohostel.com: Merohostel.com is an online portal that provides detail information of hostel in Kathmandu Valley. We have above 250+ hostel information listed on our site. The major target users are the students who are out from the valley and are search for the hostel in Kathmandu via online.



Kishor Shrestha - Deerwalk Institute Of Technology (DWIT)

Oil Finder



Rajendra Sharma – Fsociety

Feedme: Booking restaurant food .



Vijay Thapa - The British College

Search For Blood: In short this project uses 2 android application .
one given to the oil station by using the app they can change the status of the station such as availability of petrol and diesel in the station .another to the public who can use the app and check whether the station have petrol and diesel or not and even the closing and opening time i.e. real time status.
please find the more detail on the project in the github link provided below.



Yashin Shekh - Deerwalk Institute of Technology

Speak English: A mobile app which is intended to teach the basic english pronunciation to the user using the speech synthesis machine learning algorithm. Furthermore user can analyze their speaking tone by recording their voice and this application will show the result if his/her voice is recognizable or not.

The objective of this app is to help the non-native english speaker to speak like native speaker with the help of a smart phone ultimately reducing the cost for learning english which are available in market.



Charles Shahi – CITE

College information system: College information system is a web page where basic information of college provide for web visitor



Suman Sapkota - Gomendra Multiple College

Smart Study Hub / Notes Center: 4 to 5 hours of college class doesn't provide enough knowledge to those students who really wants to think out of box, so we provide academic notes, related materials, videos, projects,daily quiz and coding syntax search at a single place for IT students with fascinating user interface.



Bibhuti Poudyal - St. Xaviers College

Realtime Whiteboard: Realtime whiteboard is a nodejs projects. It allows you to create a room and invite others to join and you can share anything on the whiteboard with your team, friends or students. Additionally, this is a group chat feature and different types of brushes and colors, making it suitable for all types of data sharing.



Yubaraj Shrestha - Beltech Pvt. Ltd.

Siddhartha Insurance: An insurance calculate with more than 14 calculator in an app.



Raju Prasai - Pratham It System Pvt. Ltd.

Paynote: Paynote is a innovative web/mobile based attendance and payroll application that can do attendance with help of employee mobile & LAN connection. It has 3 in one attendance system. 1.) Without employee mobile. 2.) With employee mobile (by sending Log in and Log out request to the server ) and 3.) With employee mobile (without sending any request. i.e: My software will automatically detect all employee connected in LAN and Find It's Identity and Do Login And Logout accordingly.) Project URL is of web app. For more details please contact me or my organization.



Tek Raj Guragain - Living with ICT




Dhruba Adhikari - PicoVico

Picovico is a video-storytelling platform for personal, professional, and business use. The application automatically transfers photos and video clips into easily shareable polished movies with exclusive video styles, text, and music. Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AocmzYu-nWE For details , see : http://picovico.pr.co/presskit/217255



Degendra Sivakoti - Site Hawk Pvt Ltd

Website monitoring tools



Activity Details

Posted on : 2nd May, 2016
Posted by : Shristi Maharjan
Updated on : 14th January, 2019

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